Skid Row

Party Time Skid Row burnout at Summernats

Less rules, more burnouts, more noise – Skid Row came to Rockynats in 2024

For the first time ever, Skid Row joined the fray to form part of the action at Rare Spares Rockynats 04 with special thanks to sponsor Filth Garage. First introduced at Street Machine Summernats 32, Skid Row has been a fan favourite ever since. Just like at the ‘nats in Canberra, entrants will have the chance to fry their tyres in front of a huge crowd in the middle of Rockhampton.

PRO XW Skid Row burnout at Summernats

What will spectators see at Skid Row?

Skid Row is different to standard burnouts in that cars will take off down a straight line. The aim is for cars to do a burnout down a linear track, which is suited to less experienced drivers wanting to get in on the action. Spectators will get to see cars that have yet to grace the burnout pad and will get to experience the power of even more of our entrant’s pride and joy.