4x4 Zone

Mates at Rockynats 4X4 Zone

Rockynats has the ultimate 4X4 party covered

The 4x4 Zone, thanks to Sponsors SWL Racing Team ,  is one of the most popular precincts at the Rockynats event. Designed by 4X4 enthusiasts and hosted in the CBD, this zone has everything you could want for the perfect long weekend in Rockhampton, from 4WD displays and entertainment to heart-pumping track races and everything in between.

4 Wheel Drives on Fitzroy River at Ski Gardens - Rockynats

Dave Casey and 60 exclusively invited 4x4s

A well-known name in the 4x4 racing scene, Rockhampton local Dave Casey and his SWL Racing team host the ultimate 4x4 party at Rockynats. The SWL 4x4 Zone features 60 of Queensland’s best 4WDs, exclusively invited by Dave Casey to be a part of the Rockynats display.

The zone has hosted modified Nissan Patrols, Toyota Landcruisers, a few small but mighty Suzuki Sierras and Jimnys, a huge Dodge Ram, old-school American pickups, and restored old 1965 Landcruisers, which were a great contrast to the brand new Landcruiser models.

If you’re about vehicles with grit and road experience, then you will be right at home in the 4x4 Zone. As one of Australia’s largest catchments of 4x4 enthusiasts, passionate drivers come from all over Central Queensland to check out these impressive 4WDs and gain inspiration from the best of the best.

Family at Rockynats 4x4 Zone - ALL_FOR_4X4 ANDREW_SENO

Competitions to prove the 4x4s have got what it takes

The 4x4 Zone certainly helps Rockynats live up to its reputation as Queensland’s loudest car festival. Once you’ve had a closer look under the hood of these impressive 4WDs, sit back and watch what they can do in two adrenaline-pumping competitions, the flex ramp and turbo speed competition.

Boy at Rockynats 4X4 Zone

4x4 entertainment for days

Just like Rockynats as a whole, the 4x4 precinct is more than just vehicle displays and races. In this zone, you’ll have enough entertainment to stick around for hours, including a live DJ, BBQs, 4x4 social media influencers and their vehicles, and merchandise stalls. Plus, the 4x4 zone is conveniently located right next to the Rockynats Street Drags.

For a can’t-miss lineup of 4x4s of all shapes and sizes, the Rockynats 4x4 Zone is the place to be. Keep an eye out on the Rockynats website and socials for details of what’s in the Zone for Rockynats 05!