Road and Car Park Closures

Road & Car park Closures

During Rockynats 05, we expect the CBD to be buzzing with entrants, supporters, spectators, officials, volunteers and contractors. 

Some business and residents will be impacted by road and car park closures during bump-in, event days, and bump-out.  To successfully and safely run this event, we need to ensure road closures, safety bollards and barricades are put in place to a standard that is safe for competitors, spectators and the general community.  We realise that any road and car park closures are an inconvenience, and we thank you for your support in advance so we can deliver this major event for our region.  

Residents, employees and patrons must ensure they are parking appropriately. Illegal parking or parking causing an impediment for a local resident to access their home or business will be monitored and result in a fine or the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense. 



CBD Precinct Map

We are currently confirming the CBD Precinct Map for Rockynats 05. Come back soon for an update.


Street Parade Road Closures 

Road closures will take place for the Rockynats 05 Street Parade. Date and times will be confirmed as soon as possible, come back soon for an update. Traffic control and police will be onsite to facilitate all Street Parade closures.

Expected road closures are listed below.

  • Lion Creek Road/ New Exhibition Road (Showgrounds entry)
  • Lion Creek Road & Savage Street | Luck Avenue | Pattison Street | Huet Street| Harman Street | Sheehan Avenue | Dally Avenue | Duncan Street | Barry Street 
  • Lion Creek Road & Garris Street | Pershing Street | Allenby Street | Bracher Street | Cran Street | Kingle Street
  • Cnr Lion Creek Road & Wandal Road
  • Wandal Road & Western Street | Cran Street | Bracher Street | Naughton Street | Jardine Street | Dibdin Street | Norman Street | Haig Street | Wilkinson Street | Bevis Street | Woodville Street 
  • Roundabout at Wandal Road | Campbell Street | New Exhibition Road
  • New Exhibition Road & Morgan Street | Cavell Street
  • North Street & Campbell Street | Kent Lane | Kent Street | Denison Lane | Denison Street | Alma Lane | Alma Street | Bolsover Lane | Bolsover Street | Victoria Parade
  • Victoria Parade & Cambridge Street | Archer Street 
  • Quay Street & Denison Street | William Street
  • East Street & William Street | Denham Street | Fitzroy Street
  • Graeme Acton Way & Exhibition Road (Showgrounds entry)
  • Hall Street & Lion Creek Road
  • Rove Area - no fixed location