Rockynats Drifting at Victoria Parade carpark circuit

Nothing says “high-octane action” like some of Australia’s highest profile drifting drivers all in one place.

Taking the adrenaline up a gear is the Rockynats Drifting zone. Hosted by Drift Cadet on the banks of the Fitzroy River, you can watch the best-of-the-best drifting racers give their all in the Victoria Parade car park in the CBD precinct. The Rockynats drifting events are exclusive invitation-only competitions, so spectators can expect to see national and global level drifting.

If watching isn’t thrilling enough, ‘hot laps’ (or passenger rides) will also be available for brave ticketholders.

How does drifting work?

Drifting is essentially when a driver intentionally oversteers and causes the back wheels (or sometimes all wheels) to lose traction on the road and start to spin. The driver can then use a number of different drifting techniques to cause the back wheels to ‘drift’ as they control the car through and out of the turn. Technically a ‘drift’ is when the difference between the direction faced and direction travelled is greater for the back wheels of the car compared to the front.

It’s important to note that while the professionals and movies make drifting look easy, drifting is a tricky maneuver, and it’s easy to lose control. Trying to drift without proper experience can be very dangerous, so Rockynats encourages attendees not to try what they see at home. However, if the thought of learning to drift makes your heart race, our drifting zone hosts Drift Cadet have the training to safely get you drifting like a pro.

Car on drifting circuit - Rockynats

What makes a good drift car?

Almost any car can be used to drift, but experienced drivers will be looking out for a few key characteristics. Good drifting cars will often have a low centre of gravity and will be rear-wheel drive. They will also often be small or lightweight, however, drivers will opt for a car that is familiar to them and may choose different models, sizes and brands for different personal preferences.

How is drifting judged?

Although Rockynats Drift Displays are invitational and not judged it is interesting to understand how drift events run and how drivers are scored. Drifting requires an enormous amount of control. Once the driver begins the course, they will be judged on the consistency of their speed, how closely they follow the line of the track, the angle of the vehicle rotation and their individual style. Judges may also look for commitment, fluidity and overall execution.

Car on drifting circuit with view of Fitzroy River - Rockynats

Spectator tips

This thrilling zone in the CBD Precinct is well worth sticking around to watch.

Here are some tips on making the most of drifting at Rockynats.

  • Bring a hat, sunscreen and water. Even in April, Rockhampton is hot. Be prepared for the weather to ensure you have the best time watching the drifting.
  • Bring hearing protection for kids and for yourself. Exciting drifts are LOUD, so come ready to enjoy the action.
  • Get in early for the Drift World Exhibition shows - there is limited grandstand seating available.
  • Use the event program on the Rockynats app to know when exhibitions are running or when you can jump in a car for a Hot Lap.
  • Take advantage of the food vendors and coffee shops near the drifting - there’s plenty to see, or take a small walk up to the Show n’ Shine.
  • Buckle up! Passenger rides are a whole lot of fun, but it’s important to stay safe at the same time. Passenger rides can be booked directly with the Drift Cadet team at Rockynats. 

Hot Laps - Passenger rides

Watching a professional driver drift around a track at full throttle is thrilling, but what if you could be inside the car and feel it for yourself? At Rockynats, you get to jump in the passenger seat as your driver holds nothing back.

Participants must be over the age of 12 and must be accompanied by a guardian if under 18. Drift Cadet also recommends closed-in shoes.

The drifting zone will be located in the Victoria Parade carpark in the CBD Precinct and can be accessed with any Rockynats ticket. However, Hot Laps and competitions will be happening at different times throughout the weekend so make sure you have the Rockynats program and app downloaded so that you don’t miss a moment.