Pink smoke reveals a baby girl on the way

Published on 08 April 2023

Rockynats 03 Burnout Gender Reveal.jpeg

Barcaldine couple Clinton Hayward and Bella Luck had an extremely exciting start to the Rockynats burnout competition, with pink smoke at their first burnout of the day revealing a baby girl is on the way.

“The gender reveal was a no-brainer for us – as soon as I found out we were pregnant, I was like yep, we’re doing this at Rockynats!” said Bella.

As regulars on the burnout circuit over the last two years, the couple lined up their family and friends to have the exciting news revealed in a spectacular way – on the burnout pad at Rockynats 03.

It was a family affair, with their brother-in-law driving for the burnout - and importantly, charged with opening the gender reveal envelope this morning, and then putting the right tyres on the car.

As their Commodore VT took to the burnout pad and pink smoke drifted across the crowd, friends and family cheered.

Bella is due in early August, and the couple is headed to RedCentreNATS just 27 days later in September – for baby’s first burnout.