Published on 04 April 2021


QFEVER has taken hold in Rockhampton this long weekend with the inaugural Rare Spares Rockynats pumping out the SICKEST noise and high-octane horsepower.

Spectators had to FERRET their way through more than 1000 cars and 400 bikes CRUSZN through the streets and having a grand old PARTY TIME.

There’s nothing 2ndKLAAS about the atmosphere either - ITS WILD out there with AILSA, BERTIE and OUR BEL, FROTHN at the sights and tunes of the SLICK Rockynats entrants.

WHYNOT put a ride in a drift car on your bucket list …my mates will NV ME when they see the video and MY DADS gonna’ think I am JUSTKIDDN when I tell him how the experience made me feel LEGLESS with the thrill of it all.

Thanks to MY PREM and easing of the lockdown, crowds weren’t being FOOLISH. Most were wearing their masks to avoid any FEVER breakouts which could cause HAVOC and make the authorities 2CRANKY for the epic show to continue.

I think we can pay TRIBUTE to the Rockynats entrants for coming from near and far and making this event a great success ….I’ve got NO CASH left and I’ve BETRAYD my credit card after spending up big at the merch stalls but I’ve got a HANFUL of goodies to load into the FRMTRUK and head home.

PINKY promise, I’ll be back with my FERAL UTE, my V8MAN and a bunch of mates to experience Rockynats 2022.