Buddy's Fire Making Rockynats 02 Safe

Published on 21 March 2022

Buddys Landcrusier Photo.JPG

Buddy’s Fire last year and again this year will be investing time, effort and products into keeping everyone safe at Rockynats.

So what does this entail from Buddy’s Fire?

There are seven main areas, which include Scrutineering, the Showgrounds, Grandstands, the Cruise Area, the Street Parade, Drifts and of course the Burnout Pad and Pits that require not only fire equipment that can be used in the event of a fire, but also equipment that can be used to clean up fuel and oil spills and of course burning hot rubber.

In the event of a fire or the horror of someone’s pride and joy blowing its engine or gearbox and spilling fuel or oil onto the ground we need to be prepared.

Throughout the areas of Scrutineering, Street Drags, Drifts and the Burnout Pad over 300kg of Floor Sweep bags are distributed, ready to be used to absorb spills. Floor Sweep soaks up hydrocarbons and prevent them from spreading by encapsulating them in its absorbent structures.

As we all know oil and water do not mix, and oil is able to spread far and wide on the surface of water. The last thing Rocky needs is the iconic Fitzroy River being polluted by us car enthusiasts having a bit of fun. Therefore we not only have Floor Sweep to absorb the pollutant but we block the drains at the Drags, Drifts, Burnout’s and Boat Ramps, using poly socks that are filled with super absorbent polypropylene to soak up spills fast and stop them from hitting our waterways.

All seven areas have designated yellow wheelie bins with brooms, shovels, dust pans and gloves ready to be brought into action. Then there are over 200 extinguishers, plus back extinguishers spread throughout the event. All risks need to be covered so we have Co2, Foam, Air Water and Dry Chemical Powder Extinguisher ready but hopefully not needed.

At the Burnout Pad we use, in the cool down area the custom made trailer which carries 1000lt of water that Buddy’s normally use to service fire suppression systems. Buddy’s 4x4 Landcrusier is at the “Pad” all weekend to be used as a tow car for those who don’t quite make it off. Even the Fire Crew’s fire suits are sponsored by Buddy’s Fire.

On top of all this Buddy’s hands over the use of four other vehicles to be used over the weekend by the Fire Crew, who without their help this event would not be possible. There are approximately 50 trained Fire Crew Personnel on hand over Rockynats. 

Being involved in the safety of the Rockynats 02 event is something that Buddy’s Fire takes very seriously because having the right equipment on site may just save someone’s dream from becoming a burnt out wreck or maybe save the life of a Barra in the Fitzroy.