Located at the Rockhampton Brothers Cricket Club in the heart of Victoria Park and a 1.7km walk to the Rockynats Drifting precinct, Tent City is available for spectators and entrants, providing a great inner city glamping and camping accommodation options.


What camping site sizes are available?

Small sites - 6m x 6m.
Medium sites – 6m x 12m.
Large sites – 6m x 18m.
Glamping Tents – Single, Twin or Quad Share

What if the site size options are too small for me?

If you require a larger site, simply book an additional site of the same size and select the site beside you. In doing so, your sites will be grouped together.

Is camping suitable for entrants or spectators?

Both! Both entrant and spectator campers will be located in Tent City. 

How many people are permitted on my campsite?

We recommend max 4 people for a small site, 6 for medium and 8 for a large site. Each person camping on your site will need to purchase a camping pass and present this upon check-in.

Can I walk to the Rockynats festival precinct from Tent City?

Yes. The Rockynats drifting precinct is a 1.7km walk along the river. There will also be a shuttle bus service stop at the Rockhampton Showgrounds adjacent to Tent City, just a short 200m walk away. Refer to the event app for times. 

How do I get to Tent City?

Tent City can be accessed via Graeme Acton Way (directly opposite the Rockhampton Showgrounds).

Can I arrive/depart outside of the check in and check out dates?

Tent city accommodation is only available for four nights between Thursday the 14th April and Monday the 18th April. Pricing does not change for camping or glamping if you are arriving after the check-in date (Thursday 14th  April) or departing before the check-out date (Monday 18th April).

I’ve only booked one site but I have four campers with me. Is this ok?

Camping tickets are booked based on the size of the site you require, each person camping on the site with you will require to book a camping pass in addition to your site. Your camping pass must be purchased prior to the check-in process.  

How do I check-in?

On arrival to Tent City, drive through the entry gates and find a park in the check-in parking bay. Make your way to the check-in tent with your photo ID and camping pass. You will not be able to check-in on behalf of your guests - all campers must check-in with their own photo ID. All campers must also sign in and out on entry and exit of the campgrounds using the COVID Check-in App.

When do I get my camping wristband?

You’ll receive your camping wristband on check-in to Tent City.

When do I get my camping vehicle pass?

You’ll be issued with your camping vehicle access pass to Tent City on check-in. Cars will be issued with a dashboard pass. These passes must be visable at all times when entering and exiting Tent City.

Does my camping ticket get me access to the event?

No. You’ll need to purchase your event tickets separately to your camping ticket.

What times can I access Tent City in my vehicle?

Vehicle access is permitted between 7am and 9.30pm each day. Note the exit gate will close at 6pm each afternoon, with the entry gate becoming two way access. Should you arrive back to Tent City after 9.30pm, you’ll be able to access the grounds as a pedestrian, leaving your vehicle parked on the street.

Are there toilet and shower facilities onsite?

Yes. All camping and glamping guests will have access to hot showers and toilets. Be sure to pack your own toiletries.

Can I bring a gas burner with me?

Rockynats camping facilities operate on a strict No Open Fires Policy. Small gas BBQs and cooktops are permitted. All LPG bottles must be in good condition and within current stamped test date, LPG fittings must also be in good condition. Safety checks may be conducted and any unsafe items must be removed from the site. While fire extinguishers are available in the communal cooking areas, it is also recommended that you bring your own fire extinguisher/fire blanket for your individual campsite.

Is there onsite security?

There will be personnel onsite at all times during the day, with additional roving security onsite between 7pm and 7am each day.

Can I buy ice for my Esky onsite?

There are no ice facilities on site, however the Wandal IGA and Wandal Puma Service Station, both within a 10 minute walk have ice available to purchase.

Can I get a refund on my glamping tent or camping site if I need to cancel?

Glamping and camping bookings are strictly non-refundable.

Can I smoke throughout the tent city precinct?

Smoking is permitted in the designated smoking zone only.

Can I bring my pet?

No animals are permitted into the campground with the exception of guide dogs and Police support dogs.

I have friends not staying at Tent City, can they visit me?

No. Strictly only glampers and campers are permitted in Tent City. All campers and glampers will be issued a wristband on check-in which will permit you re-entry. Anyone without a wristband will not be permitted on site.

Can I bring a generator?

Strictly no generators permitted on site.

Can I bring alcohol into the precinct?

You are not permitted to bring alcohol or glass into the precinct. There are two licensed venues, The Lionleigh and Rocky Sports Club, both within walking distance of the tent city precinct.

Can I choose my campsite and camp next to my friends?

You have the option to select the best available campsites at the time of booking. If you would like to camp next to your friends, we suggest booking the sites at the same time.

What are the Tent City site rules?

Must adhere to onsite 8km/hr speed limit, no alcohol, no amplified music, no generators, no animals (other than trained assistance dogs), no digging of holes, use of tent pegs must be no greater than 150mm, must adhere to onsite noise rules between 9.30pm and 7.00am, no unauthorised guests, maintain social distancing, no prohibited items.

What cooking facilities are available at Tent City?

Camping & Glamping guests have access to a Jumbuck Solid Plate 6 burner club BBQ, BBQ utensils, toasters, microwave, hot water urns within the communal hang out areas. There are also a number of dining options within a close proximity of tent city, including Rocky Sports Club and the The Lionleigh Tavern.

I’m an entrant, can I have my entrant car/bike and trailer/s on site with me?

Yes but you are only permitted max 1 vehicle per site and they must fit within your allocated site size. If you need additional space or have additional vehicles, you’ll need to purchase an additional site or park your vehicles offsite.

I’m an entrant, can I bring fuel into Tent City?

Limited storage of additional fuel (external to the fuel contained in a vehicle’s fitted fuel tanks/cells) is permitted in Tent City. All fuel must be stored in containers that meet the relevant Australian Standard for the type of fuel being stored and as per QLD Government regulations total additional quantities may not exceed 250L per vehicle. Fuel containers must remain within the contestant’s vehicle at all times and no refuelling of vehicles or equipment is permitted on site. See entrants tab for fuel info.





Is glamping suitable for entrants or spectators?

Generally, glamping is reserved for spectators who don’t require trailers/entrant cars on site with them. If you need to camp with your cars, the camping option will be better suited for you.

What’s included in the glamping tent price?

Your glamping price includes four nights’ accommodation, a ready to go tent, stretcher and mattress (sheets/ blankets and pillows not included), LED lantern in your tent, access to communal hang out area equipped with cooking facilities (BBQ, hot water urns, toasters, microwave and fridge) charging stations, showers and toilets.

Will there be lighting in my glamping tent?

Yes. All glamping tents are fitted with a LED lantern.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring proof of your glamping tent or camping site booking and a form of photo ID. If you haven’t pre-booked bedding when reserving your glamping tent, you will also need to bring bedding (sheets and pillows).

What extras can I book with my glamping tent?

At the time of booking, you can also select to include camping chairs ($18 each), sleeping bag combo ($42), 1.2m plastic tables ($33 each), 42L Esky ($33) and tent privacy shade ($33).

How do I get my extra items that I booked with my glamping tent?

Your extra items booked with your glamping tent reservation will be waiting for you to pick up when you check into your tent.

Will my glamping site be set up for me?

Yes, all glamping tents are set up and ready prior to the Rare Spares Rockynats festival start date. All you need to do is turn up and check in!

Are the glamping tents waterproof?

If all windows and flaps are closed, the tents will be waterproof in typical rain. However, in extreme weather conditions and unusually heavy rain conditions, it cannot be guaranteed that the tents will remain 100% waterproof.

Is there parking available onsite?

Yes. Each glamping site is permitted to one parking spot located next to their tent.

In addition to Rockynats ticketing terms and conditions, the Camping Terms and Conditions(PDF, 781KB) apply to all camping ticket holders patrons on campgrounds.